Rhubarb Farm - POV


We put our “heart” into “art”.

Here at Rhubarb Farm, we are a loving community, a unique melting pot of different ages and abilities. We are a horticultural social enterprise with our main focus being improving the quality of our volunteers lives with green based therapy. We are based in Langwith, not far from Bolsover, Shirebrook, Worksop and Mansfield.   When we undertook the POV arts project we realised its not just ‘painting a pretty picture’, it is various methods and ways of expressing yourself and allowing your full potential to come out to play. It is a way to build confidence and creativity, help with your Mental health and create lasting friendships.

The art we create is aimed to help and inspire people, for example we have created living moss art to bring nature inside, we are building fidget walls in order to help those with sensory issues, and we are even creating a safe space for one of our volunteers. Each artwork that is produced is individualised and can be expressed by any means you choose. We have held events, workshops, trips and training sessions to boost your knowledge and have even worked with a local sculptor Phil Neal to build a mammoth structure that will forever impact the space at Rhubarb Farm. We were even lucky enough to permanently display some of our volunteer’s artwork at Nottingham Train Station.

Lots of different activities are in the pipeline such as Japanese braiding, cave art, mannequin design and even growing our own natural dye garden! Here at Rhubarb Farm, everything will be tailored to your needs and wants, you decide on the Art – we make it happen.