Bolsover - State of the Sector

The 2022 State of the Sector reports have been produced to provide an insight into the state of the sector as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The partners would like to thank all the voluntary groups and organisations who took part in the survey and its wider consultation processes. It is appreciated that groups and organisations responded at a time of competing pressures and wider COVID-19 impact on service users, volunteers and staff. The contribution of the sector is clearly demonstrated throughout this report and enables us to highlight our unique strengths.

The pandemic has highlighted the value of the Voluntary and Community Sector, demonstrating our ability to respond and deliver at a time of unprecedented uncertainty. The insight provided through this report shows that existing organisations 'stepped up' and newcomers 'stepped forward'; this resulted in the sector having an equal 'seat at the table', in many instances for the first time demonstrating:

• the sector's flexibility

• how we have adapted as a sector

• how we recognise the challenges ahead

• the challenge of structural changes and wider impacts on society that we need to understand and respond to

• our ability to provide timely insight through our community voice


Read the full report below: