Junction Arts - POV


Junction Arts are an award-winning community arts charity based in Derbyshire. Since 1976, we have developed and delivered engaging arts experiences within disadvantaged areas, to improve wellbeing, build confidence and skills, address inequality and inspire positive change.

We primarily work across Bolsover District, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire District. Since 1994 we have delivered Bolsover Lantern Parade each November alongside its community lantern making programme; the parade attracts thousands of attendees and participants each year.

Each year we run around 20 projects with people of all ages and across all artforms. As part of POV we are running a project called Next Gen, this is for young people (16-24) who are interested in the arts and want to learn about the breadth of careers available in the creative sector whilst learning new skills and building confidence.

Once a month we meet at West Studios, Chesterfield in the evening usually 5:30-7:30pm. We have different workshops with artists and creative to work on new artworks or learn new skills. So far, we have explored illustration, acrylic pouring and puppetry.

From Spring 2023 onwards the group will begin to develop and deliver a community arts project of their own with guidance and support from Junction Arts Project Coordinators.