Food Hubs



Food Hubs

Food hubs in Bassetlaw are supported through a range of funding and local community activity.   The food hubs which were supported by BFIN to develop are now self-organised and sustainable.  The food is provided by FareShare East Midlands, alongside a variety of other local food providers and funders.

Food Hubs help to tackle food insecurity and sustainability locally as Food Hubs enable local people to purchase food that would otherwise go to landfill.

The Food Hub network also offers support for families that are struggling financially.  Each bag of food, which can be filled with anything that is available on the day, costs between £3.50 and £5 and has an average value of £20.  (NB some hubs also have an initial membership fee of £5).


The following Food Hubs are in operation during term time:

food hubs term time

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  Ramsden Primary  2.30pm Community
  Mattersey Primary 2.45pm Community
  Haggonfields Primary 3.00pm Community
  Kingston Park Academy 2.45pm Families Only
  Devonshire Road, Harworth 2.00pm Community
Tuesday Lime Tree Nursery  12.45pm Community
  Rampton Primary  2.30pm Community
  St Paul's Church, Manton 2.00pm Community
  Now Church Langold 9.30am - 2.30pm Community
Wednesday Now Food Hub, Langold 9.30am - 2.30pm & 7pm - 8pm Community
Thursday Tuxford Primary Academy  3.00pm Community
Friday Carr Hill Primary  2.30pm Community
  Ordsall Primary  2.45pm Community
  Redlands Primary 3.00pm Community


April school holidays:

half time

You can download our Food Hub information pack here:

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If you already have a food hub, you can download the information pack here to give out at your school/venue and you can just edit the venue name and logo:

If you are interested in setting up a Food Hub at your school or community location, please email

Food Hubs are a Bassetlaw Food Insecurity Network initiative (a BCVS project) in collaboration with Rhubarb Farm, FareShare, and Feeding Britain.

This project is funded by Nottinghamshire County Council.

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