BCVS Annual Report 2022

On Friday 2nd December we held our Annual General Meeting and welcomed staff, trustees, and guests to the building to showcase our work and impact throughout the financial year of April 1st 2021 - 31st March 2022.

As highlighted in the meeting we would like to express our thanks to all our Trustees, Staff, Volunteers, Funders and Supporters for a successful and busy year. 

Special thanks once again also goes to Derek Wilkinson, who after 30 years of dedicated service to BCVS has resigned as a trustee but will continue to be involved as a volunteer and friend. Thank you Derek for all your hard work and service to BCVS for the past three decades.

We look forward to another year ahead of creating impact and making a difference in Bassetlaw and Bolsover.

Our annual report can be viewed and downloaded below.

 Downloadable copy:

Video file