Staff Feedback

What colleagues say about working for BCVS

“At the age of 34 I realised I was in a job and industry that did not make me happy. It was a bitter pill to swallow to admit that years of training in a certain career was not the right path for me. I came across an opportunity at BCVS and applied not really knowing the company or much of the third sector, nor what BCVS stood for and feel incredibly grateful and fortunate to have been given this opportunity.

Not only are BCVS forward thinking, they truly care for their staff in terms of holistic health and wellbeing. Each and every person is valued and appreciated, every job role is cherished and championed and you truly feel you are making a huge difference to people each and every day. The flexibility too and understanding of working from home, as well as on site is reassuring too with having young children. For me, finding this job, finding BCVS has been life changing.”

"BCVS is very supportive to their staff, it is a great place to work"

"At BCVS, we support each other as well as supporting the people in our communities"

"Although I often work in the background in my role, I always feel very valued as a member of the BCVS team. We all appreciate what each one of us does to make things happen. If we did not all work as such a good team, we would not be able to make the impact that we do"