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My name is Jade, I work for Voluntary Action Doncaster as the Projects Coordinator.I am 37 years old and I have 2 children, one is Autistic, they are 5 and 3. I also have 2 dogs, one is a Peekapoo and the other is a Patterdale. I have a very busy life.

Voluntary Action Doncaster are a small organisation who work in and around the city of Doncaster. We work with local communities and faith groups to try to bring them together and support them in the best way we can. I have worked with VAD (Voluntary Action Doncaster) since November 2022, so I am all new to this line of work. I spent the last 14 years of my life working in the Care sector. I have worked with a vast variety of illnesses and disorders, from working in home care to working in secure forensic mental health units; therefore I have a very wide range of knowledge when working with people from different backgrounds. I love my current role, I get to help people and it's what I have been trained to do without the consequences of working with unwell individuals.

Since I have been working with VAD, I have been working on many different projects. My main project is working with the residents of Doncaster to get help with their energy bills. I work with the citizens' advice to assist these people who are in dire straits. I spend most of my time going to different community groups and organisations to get VAD known and to spread the word around Doncaster.

I have just taken over the POV project since mid January as Jo, who was the lead of the project, is now on maternity leave. So it's been jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

When the project was started by Jo, it was decided that we would provide a Graffiti Workshop for the young people. So since I took on the role a few things have happened since I was given the role. I have been in contact with a local church who wishes to have the outside of his church spray painted to make the church well known in the area. On the back of this, the priest has given VAD and allotment which is at the back of he church to make into a community garden. So on the back of the graffiti art, we can encourage the young people to work in the community garden which will be created from scratch.

Also I have been in talks with an art tutor at Doncaster College and he is also wanting to make graffiti statues to place around different locations in Doncaster to promote the project. Also extra to this, I have been in talks with a lady who wishes to join the project and make graffiti tote bags. 

So as you can see a lot is happening!

More to come.



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POV group from VAD completing Artwork to be displayed on the side of a local church. Stunning photos! They have been working on this Artwork for some time and revealed on the 5th July within an event