Centre Place - POV

Hello, I am Kim Coulthard, a mental health and well-being worker from Talkzone at Centre Place. I have started to take lead on the POV Art Project after recently becoming a full-time employee, alongside our young persons lead Parker, who is a LGBT+ project worker at the Centre Place. 

Here, at Centre Place, we have come up with 6 projects to get you started in the Point of View Project. These range from small projects around photography and abstract art.

At present we are recruiting interest through our Friday drop-in art sessions, which we are running to enable young people to explore patterns and colour, once there is an established interest, we hope the you will take lead on this and move independently with their own work. Already some young people have raised an interest in learning how to do street art/graffiti art and so we will move forward in this direction in the near future.

Our work has only just begun, and so all paintings are a working progress. The young people are exploring texture through layering different mediums. We also have some fantastic photographs coming through

Peace of Mind Toolkit

Young people from centreplace worked together as part of the POV project to produce a mental health toolkit/booklet for young people age 11-25 - as something that could help them whilst they waited for professional support. With waiting lists at an all time high, there was a strong need for something to help these young people during their wait.

The content, design concepts and style of the booklet was all inspired by the young people and then a freelance designer, who was also young and had suffered from mental health himself, was hired to do the digitastion.

Here is the digital version, which has also been produced in hard copies to give to young people that need it.


Other examples of our POV work:





pic 1pic 2

pic 3pic 4Doodle wall