Derbyshire is Supporting The Say No To Asb Campaign

22nd November 2021


Derbyshire is Supporting The Say No To Asb

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) incidents have increased over the last three years, with
45% of people saying that ASB is a problem where they live, according to RESOLVE's
2021 report.

The term anti-social behaviour is used to describe the day-to-day incidents of crime,
nuisance and disorder. It’s an activity that can make people’s lives a misery and can
have a severe impact on the local community, ranging from litter and vandalism, to
public drunkenness or aggressive dogs, to noisy or abusive neighbours.

Between 25 October and 21 November, Neighbourhood Watch has launched a 'SAY
NO TO ASB' campaign, with the aim in tackling anti-social behaviour in local
communities. For further information on their campaign, please visit:

ASB Resources

Earlier this year, organisations from across Derbyshire joined together in creating an
Anti-Social Behaviour Hub for our county, which can be found here: Derbyshire ASB

This online toolkit features a great range of information on what anti-social behaviour
is, which agency to report it to, how organisations tackle these behaviours and
support that is available.

Reporting anti-social behaviour

Reporting antisocial behaviour early on is important to prevent it from escalating.

Anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of problems and because of this, the
agency that you should speak to varies, such as your local council, housing
association or the police.

For a breakdown of these reporting methods, please visit the Safer Derbyshire


Derbyshire Victim Services help in supporting victims and witnesses deal with the

effects of anti-social behaviour. For more information call 0800 6126505 or visit: