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Small charitable and community groups are encouraged and supported to collaborate and work in partnership to secure funding instead of working in silo to benefit the local community.

Through constant horizon scanning, our Partnership Officer is able to identify windows of funding opportunities, which is then cascaded to relevant charities and community groups. BCVS is then able to offer an advice and guidance model to local community groups who wish to flourish and develop, regardless of their size.

With years of experience of third sector challenges and changes, our Partnership Officer is able to offer one to one support to organisations looking to either start up or develop their projects given the constant pressures on them to achieve sustainability and compete for funding and support.

Worksop Charities

Worksop Charities was set up in 1976 and has funding to assist individuals living in Worksop and the immediate surrounding areas.  Typical grants are made for white goods, holidays, clothing, carpeting, funeral expenses and further education equipment.

For more information on the grants process and closing dates for submissions, please visit the Worksop Charities website.




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