BCVS can help groups and organisations to search for funding opportunities.

Our VCSE development team can provide support to encourage community fundraising and the writing of successful fundraising applications or tenders, and help in the delivery of resulting projects, including evaluation.

Small charitable and community groups are encouraged and supported to collaborate and work in partnership to secure funding instead of working in silo to benefit the local community.

BCVS are able to identify windows of funding opportunities, which are then cascaded to relevant charities and community groups through inclusion in the weekly BCVS bulletins.

We are then able to offer an advice and guidance model to local community groups who wish to flourish and develop.


Small Grants


Ethnic Minority Fund

If you are running a group in Bassetlaw that supports the ethnic minority community then you are welcome to apply.

Small Grants Fund

If you run a small group or charity in Bassetlaw and would benefit from start up funding and/or funding for a specific project, then you are welcome to apply.


To support Bassetlaw groups, applications are welcomed from Bassetlaw voluntary and community sector organisations via these micro grants.

Please note that grants are not available to individuals. 

Grants will be available during 2022/2023 (in line with funding limitations) and will be considered on a rolling basis throughout the year.  

Forms received by the end of each month will be reviewed and agreed within 5 working days where appropriate.   

Please note that all funding received should be spent within 1 year of receipt and a short evaluation form (including proof of spend) will be required. 

The maximum available per organisation is £500, however it is anticipated that the maximum will only be allocated in exceptional circumstances eg. if an organisation is supporting a variety of activities. 

Please complete the application using our online form, and keep a copy of the information for your own records. 

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External Funding Links:

(this page is currently under construction - more info coming soon)

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