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South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw STP

The South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Sustainability Plan (STP) is published below. It sets out the vision, ambitions and priorities for the future of health and care in the region and is the result of many months of discussions across the STP partnership, including with patient representative groups and the voluntary sector.

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The goal is for everyone in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to have a great start in life, with support to stay healthy and live longer.

Prevention is at the heart – from in the home to hospital care. The plan focuses on people staying well in their own neighbourhoods whilst introducing new services, improving co-ordination between those that exist and have staff working in the best way to meet people’s needs.

Alongside reshaping and strengthening primary and community services, by working as a network of 25 partners, access to specialist hospital care will be improved so that no matter where people live, they have excellent, high quality care and experiences.

Other factors affecting health will be a focus, including education, employment and housing to not only improve the health but the wellbeing and life chances of everyone in the region.

Being shared widely, staff, patients and the public are invited to share their views to help shape further work and deliver our ambitions for improved health and care.

Between December 2016 and March 2017, we will connect and talk with staff in each of our partner organisations and local communities about the plan. We will also be working with Healthwatch and our voluntary sector partners to ensure we have input and views from a wide range of communities.

We will take account of all views and feed these back into our plans.

Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships

Our aim is to use the next several years to make the biggest national move to integrated care of any major western country.  This will take the form of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships covering every area of England, and for some geographies the creation of integrated (or ‘accountable’) health systems.  These partnerships are more than just the ‘wiring’ behind the scenes. They are a way of bringing together GPs, hospitals, mental health services and social care to keep people healthier for longer and integrate services around the patients who need it most.

This is a complex transition which requires careful management, including of the financial framework so as to create opportunity while also reducing instability and managing risk. That’s why ACSs (Accountable Care Systems) require a staged implementation. This also provides the opportunity to prove their ability to manage demand in ways that other areas can subsequently adopt. We expect that candidates for ACS status to include successful vanguards, ‘devolution’ areas, and STPs that have been working towards the ACS goal. In Q1 2017/18, NHS England and NHS Improvement will jointly run a light-touch process to encourage other STPs (or coherent parts of STPs) to come forward as potential ACSs and to confirm this list. Likely candidates include:

  • Frimley Health
  • Greater Manchester
  • South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw
  • NorthumberlandNottinghamshire, with an early focus on Greater Nottingham and the southern part of the STP
  • Blackpool & Fylde Coast, with the potential to spread to other parts of the Lancashire and South Cumbria STP at a later stage.
  • Dorse
  • Luton, with Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire
  • West Berkshire


If you have any questions about the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw STP, please contact Helen or Sophie in the STP programme management office. You can also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


16th December 2016

11th November 2016



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