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What is the North Nottinghamshire Support Partnership (NNSP)?

The North Nottinghamshire Support Partnership is a multi-agency advice and support network for adults in Bassetlaw through a single point of access.

How does the service work?
NNSP works by enabling people to access a wide range of services through a single point of access. The simple checklist helps to identify the support, information and advice a client might benefit from. Completed checklists generate referrals to partner agencies prompting them to contact the customer with the support, information and advice required. Partner agencies have 28 days to do so as part of the NNSP partnership agreement.

Why was NNSP introduced?
Considerable work had taken place previously in the development of Advice Bassetlaw; however following a consultation, re-evaluation, redesign and a name change the North Nottinghamshire Support Partnership was developed.

A collaboration between BCVS and the Bassetlaw Action Centre supported by Bassetlaw District Council are responsible for implementing the new North Nottinghamshire Support Partnership model.

The main aims and objectives of the service are:

  • Ease of access – To provide a single gateway through which people can access a wide variety of services.
  • Prevention and intervention – to support ever decreasing public spending budgets
  • Partnership working – To bring together local public and voluntary services and prevent duplication.
  • Voluntary sector – to grow the capacity and sustainability of the sector

Completing a checklist
The checklist is available as a Word document that can be printed or completed electronically. These are available by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clients can nominate a friend or family member to receive all contact from partner agencies on their behalf.

When the form is completed electronically; the data protection statement must be read to the client. There is a tick box to complete with their response. Be aware that if they do not consent we cannot keep their data or make the referrals they require.

Self Referrals can now be made. The checklist consists of 2 pages and can be accessed here. Once completed it can be posted or emailed back to the NNSP hub at BCVS.

What happens when a checklist is completed?

  • The checklist is emailed, faxed or posted to the central hub which is at the BCVS.
  • The checklist is processed at the central hub and referrals are made to the selected agencies.
  • Partner agencies contact the client; or their nominated person within 28 days.
  • Partner agencies notify NNSP when they accept the referral and when the outcome of the intervention has been established.

Checklist services
The checklist has been split into 5 sections:

  • Money
  • Housing
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Employment
  • Transport

Each section has a variety of services within it. You are able to refer to more than one service within each section. Please give as much detail as possible about what the client’s needs are as this will ensure the correct service is referred to when the form is processed.

Any other concerns or needs
In this section please give details of any other service the client needs. The hub will endeavour to find a service to refer the client to when they process the form.

We will be monitoring this section closely to see what services are being requested that do not currently appear on the form. If there is something that is being requested regularly we will add it to the form.

Please contact the NNSP Hub Advisor Becky Law at BCVS for more information.

Tel: 01909 476118 Ext 24     Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Notes from the North Nottinghamshire Support Partnership Launch Event 26th September 2017

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