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Nottinghamshire Victim CARE - restorative justice - 6th January

Nottinghamshire Victim CARE are the commissioned service to support victims of crime throughout Nottinghamshire. Part of our free service is the offer of restorative justice, and we are particularly keen to promote and raise the profile of this specific element of support. Restorative justice (RJ) is a consent based process that offers victims and perpetrators the opportunity to enter into dialogue (either through a letter, a shuttle advocate or a conference) with a view to working together to repair the harm that has been caused by the criminal conduct. It is a process that is extensively prepared for, with several meetings with both parties leading up to the actual dialogue, and risk assessed. As RJ facilitators we will ensure that all parties’ motivations and expectations are appropriate, and that any communication is safe and positive.

With the national lockdown we are clearly not currently able to offer home visits or face to face conferences. However along with all services we have become skilled in the use of online video calls, and we ran a conference in the Autumn using an online platform. The conference ran very smoothly and met the aims of those involved.

All the people that Victim CARE support are offered RJ. Victims who feel that RJ will assist their recovery can approach Victim CARE to progress RJ, even if they have not previously been supported by us. As with our generic support there is no time limit on when the criminal conduct occurred to be eligible for RJ.

We are happy to receive referrals from organisations (with the consent of the relevant person) or people are able to self-refer. If you would like additional information specifically with regard to RJ, please do not hesitate to make contact with our RJ facilitators, Victoria Willis and Andrew Goodall, through the main Victim CARE freephone (0800 3047575). Alternatively please visit our website-



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