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Nottinghamshire LGBT+ Healthcare Survey

The survey is aiming to determine and understand the experiences of LGBT+ communities within Nottinghamshire in accessing healthcare services.

We (LGBT+ Service Nottinghamshire) will collate the results and produce a report of the findings with a view to feedback and distribute the information to local healthcare providers. The findings and results will help to inform healthcare providers practice, with a view to making a positive and lasting impact within the healthcare sector for members of LGBT+ communities.
The survey is extremely valuable in shaping the future of healthcare provision within Nottinghamshire so please do take the time to complete the survey and encourage others to also do so (average time has been 4 minutes!) be as honest as possible with both positive and negative experiences and add comments to help in collecting more feedback.
If you yourself do not identify as LGBT+ however a family member does and you feel that their experience needs sharing then please complete the survey on their behalf providing their details.
We really want to ensure that we can obtain as many responses as possible in order to gain the best overview of experiences possible.
The survey can be found here:



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