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Mansfield CVS - Promoting Apprenticeships

Are you a small business or organisation in North Nottinghamshire and have you considered recruiting an apprentice?

There are many benefits that would benefit your organisation by recruiting an apprentice in your work place. 
- Increases employee satisfaction.
- Reduces staff turn over
- Reduces recruitment costs
- You will receive a government funded grant
   incentive of £1000 for recruiting a 16-18 year old.
- Decreases absenteeism
- Improves productivity
- Improves any current skills gaps
- They gain a certified qualification in NVQ
- An apprentices wage is £3.70ph which is cost
  effective for employers and great for the
  apprentices earning and learning.

We have apprentices here at the MCVS who make such a positive impact on our productivity, culture, diversity and values.
Your current staff can bridge any skills gaps they may have by doing a work based apprenticeship.

We deliver apprenticeships in -
Business Administration level 2 & 3,
Health and Social Care level 2 & 3,
Customer Service level 2 & 3,
Team leading level 2,
Management level 3.

There are people ready to start an apprenticeship in North Nottinghamshire. Please call or email me to arrange a meeting to discuss recruiting an apprentice.

Ginny Chandler

Apprenticeship Broker
Community House
36 Wood Street
NG18 1QA

TEL: 07741654020 / 07872687299
TEL: 01623 651177



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